Setting WeChat account security- Your lifeguard

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Account security is the place to make sure your account is linked to other accounts or WeChat friends in case of an emergency.

This is the most critical step, as it will help you avoid being locked out of your account.

Go to  Me-Settings and then select “account security.” You will find the following options:

View your WeChat ID

You can change it to a catchy name and number or write it down in your email or notes. Remember that this is a unique certificate for your account and can only be changed once per year.

Link your Mobile number to your WeChat account.

Adding your mobile number is always helpful as a safety measure.

WeChat Password setting

Please set up your password and write it in a safe place. You can reset it through your mobile, so make sure your mobile is linked.


I recommend setting up a voiceprint.

As someone who deals with many passwords, this is a great way to log in by repeating a few digits.

Emergency contacts

They will be the contact to help retrieve your account if needed. You should choose a minimum of 3 users.

Manage Device

I will show you the places you logged in from. Check if you can verify it all or have a security problem.

More settings

It will help you link your WeChat to your email, QQ, or Facebook.

The safest way not to be locked out from your account is to link at least one of those options, and you will be perfectly fine. I connected it to my email by simply going to it and pressing the link. That’s it; now I can breathe.

But what if you didn’t follow that list or found yourself locked out?

Did you get Locked out from your WeChat account? 

Security Centre is the place to find helpful advice about security problems such as account recovery, freezing an account, unblocking an account, or permanently deleting your WeChat account. If your friend has a log-in problem, you can search for a solution on this screen.

Adjust all the basic settings for WeChat, including Friending Me and password protection options.

Your account is secure now. It is time to manage your notifications. How often do you want to get updates about new messages?

Guardian Mode- this is a new option. You must set a password and decide which certain features will be restricted under this mode…

Accessible Mode- I love this option as it is notable for users with difficulty reading. Enable this option will automatically make your font larger, letting you see sharper colors and more oversized buttons. It will also allow you to listen to text messages. Appreciate the WeChat team! 😊

Chineta Team Team

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