Find files quickly using the search and tag tool

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how to find WeChat files

When you download a file, it is automatically will be waiting for you in the file tab under favorite:

I want to show you how to find all our downloaded files in one place.

Press on Me, then on Favorites.

Now, choose files and scroll down. You can search for a file by writing its name.

The files will not be available forever. Please save it on your mobile or send it to your email if it is essential.

Tag our WeChat files

A nice trick to follow the essential files or chats is to create a tag named “important files.” From the favorite tab,  scroll down and choose any photo you downloaded. After selecting it, go to the three dots, press “edit a tag,” and save it. Now, it is super easy to find it through the favorite tab. First, you will see the tag name below each content inside the favorite account that you tagged. Secondly, you can search for the name on this tag in the search bar and view all the features you have organized under this name.

You can use the favorite section to write your notes as well.

 Choose the note option and press the plus sign on the right side of your screen.

Write yourself a note or a reminder. You can forward this message, delete it, or save it.

Chineta Team Team

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