General- make sure you have enough storage while using WeChat

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As we are still inside the setting, You should adjust storage properties, ensuring that WeChat doesn’t waste too much phone storage.

General Settings

This section has general functions such as dark mode to save battery. If you choose this option, the WeChat will restart and open with a darker screen.

You can enable landscape display and NFC. NFC stands for near-field communication and lets two devices nearby share documents using low-speed technology.

Auto-Update WeChat– I turn it to Wi-Fi only to update the WeChat automatically.

Language-this is where to set up your language and text size.

Photos, videos, files, and calls-  I am turning off the first option, “Auto-download,” as I don’t want WeChat to download every contact I watch. Review each option and decide if to save your photos, videos, and mobile data. 

I can use mobile data for better voice call quality; I turn it on.

Manage Discover- you can set which feature to show in your Discover tab.

 I like to see all the options available.

Tools- here, you can link your Facebook to WeChat  (I do not link it), send a broadcast message to any contact you choose, and enable the WeRun app and Weixin Pay for payment with a WeChat wallet.

The essential part you should not miss is your phone data under “manage storage.” You can decide whether to save the photos and videos you download automatically or use mobile data with wifi for better voice call quality.


  1. Data usage- this is a table with a statistic about your WeChat data traffic.
  2. Manage storage will show you how much storage is used within WeChat. You can manage it by deleting all files and images you have received by working “chat history.” Another option is to delete the temporary data- which is called Chace.

We have learned how to control basic features and ensure our storage is manageable. The next step is file management.

Chineta Team Team

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