How to create a Good QR code within WeChat

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QR Code is the essence of WeChat. We will learn how to design it better and use it to our benefit.

If you want to stand out with your QR code and put it on your business material, choose a good photo of yourself, add a plain background, and save it to your phone. Now add it as a profile photo and choose an excellent QR code design. Save your result and share it with the world.

WeChat QR code options:

  • Image
  • Logo
  • Plain background-color
  • Funny image

Edit WeChat QR code design

1. Go to Me

2. Choose my profile

3. Press on my QR code

4. Tap on the Three dots on the top right part of the screen

5. You will have those options:

  • Change style
  • Save to phone
  • Scan the QR code
  • Reset the QR code

Change style will show you WeChat’s QR code templates. Choose the design you want.

Save a WeChat QR code to your phone.

By pressing on it, you will save your QR code to your phone. It is beneficial to keep and send it to your friends to scan and add you as their WeChat friend.

How to Scan a QR Code

Scanning other friend’s QR codes is the best way to add new contacts, especially when meeting new friends. Just ask them if they have WeChat and if you can scan their code. The best way to do this is to ask if they have WeChat and then tell them, “Let’s be WeChat friends! Do you want me to scan you, or you will scan me”?

Now that you have added a new friend, you can use the tickle trick! Double-click on their photo when you open a chat conversation with this friend and want to catch their attention. You will see the note that you have tickled his (according to his tickle name)! You can double-click on your photo on the chat and pat yourself. To choose a tickle name, press on the Me tab, then on your profile photo, and you will see “Tickle.” Press on it and select a nickname that will be displayed whenever someone is tickling you.

How to Reset QR Code

Do not press the reset QR code. If you press it, your previous QR code will expire, and all your old conversations and documents will no longer be relevant. You never want that to happen.

What people do with the Wechat QR code in China

This critical feature has made WeChat “The King of Social Media.”

You can pay with it, add contacts, translate, and compare product rates!

Just like the ID code, this QR code is unique for you.

When you show it to others, you can easily be added as a WeChat contact through scanning.

You can also modify it in a few simple steps.

Now that we know how to make a personal, good-looking QR code, I want to give you an example of what Chinese users do with their QR codes.

  • Pay in a coffee shop
  • Pay for a taxi, bus
  • Pay in Museum
  • Pay for beggars on the streets
  • Download  apps
  • Translation
  • Joining group chats (more on it in my course)

And What can you do with it for personal use?

We have saved a jpg image of our QR code and now add it to your content:

Business card

Web site

Other social media platforms

Get creative. Why not use it everywhere you want people to contact you?

We did not finish with the profile. One more step to go!

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