Setting WeChat privacy details with your social aspect

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We are still inside the settings tab

Me – setting

The privacy title is the place to manage who will or will not be able to view your social activity in WeChat and who is blocked forever.

Check option by option and decide if you want to hide your Moments, Channels, top stories, or Werun. This is your chance to “block” someone from seeing your social activity on WeChat even though this person is your friend.

Blocked List

This is the list of contacts you do not want to see your content. Add or delete people from your blocked list. If you wish to delete a person, press on his profile photo, then, inside his profile page on the three dots above, turn off the “block” button.

My information and Authorizations

This title is very detailed, and you can go item by item and control the limitations of your account. For example, you can set whether to allow permissions for the following features: location, contacts, storage, microphone, and camera. You can enable the floating window option to open a new tab with the content you like while continuing to explore WeChat.

You will also find the Authorizations with access to your profile and alias here. In my case, the Huawei app and WeiShi, a video app, belong to WeChat.

The last option is to export personal data to your email.

Now that we have managed your settings to protect our privacy and content, we will move on and learn about

integrating WeChat into your phone and managing storage.

Chineta Team Team

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