WeChat Settings – Message Notifications- Do not Disturb and Chats

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on your mobile phone. Open wehcat and go to Me-Settings

This is your mobile settings. First, You need to control the notification type and turn it off or on as you wish.

Message Notification

Inside the Settings tab, choose Message Notifications

on this screen

Turn on the New Messages alert if you wish to get a notification whenever a new message awaits you in the chats section. You will know you got a new message by finding a red dot next to the new message.

Video Call Notification will notify you when you receive a video call.

Notification center– better to turn it on. That way, when looking for old news, you will get the sender’s name and summary of WeChat messages.

Next, you can control Sound vibration.

 Manage your sound and vibration for new notifications in “device settings, “voice and video call notifications,” and “In-Chat and Chat list Messages.”  I do not turn on the last option as I don’t want to get a vibrate or sound notification each time there is a new message. I prefer only to notice a red dot next to it.

Alert Sound and Ringtones– this is where you can choose an alert sound and a cool ringtone each time you get a WeChat phone call. I just picked a lovely song in Mandarin by LBI. My friends will also hear this song every time they call me. Let us go back to the Settings tab.


Here, you have “lighter” options, such as turning off the speaker and pressing enter to send a message or deciding about your chat background and stickers.  The last option is more meaningful and is called  Chat history Migration and backup. You can migrate your chats to another device and back up your chat history to a computer. When you press on those options, you get instructions.

You can clean some space on your mobile by clearing the chat history.

We have quickly learned how to control our notifications. The next step is checking our privacy settings.

Friends Permission

Friend Request

Please turn it on and get a message from each contact who wishes to be linked with your account.

Find Mobile contacts

Find mobile contacts will recommend mobile communication who also use WeChat, a great way to connect outside and within WeChat. If you prefer to keep it more private, turn it off.

Methods for Friending Me

That way, your friend can add you by searching your WeChat ID or mobile or add you as their contact by finding you in their group chat and getting your QR code and contact card.

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