How to Download and install WeChat on your mobile phone

Neta Brint

WeChat is a messaging app that got it all : chats, ways to meet new users, read articles and even pay bills! Some will say that WeChat is life but without further ado, its time to get the real thing! You can also install WeChat on your PC or Mac, but you must set up an account first.

If you already got this super app you can skip to step#2.

Downloading and installing WeChat on your mobile phone

Open your iPhone’s Google Play Store or app store and download WeChat.

You will get a screen with two options: sign up or log in.

If you do not have an account yet press on signup.

  1. The first thing you will need  to write its your name and mobile number.

You don’t have to write your real name, however the mobile number you write should be your real number with the correct country code.

2. After filling up your name and mobile number you will need to decide what is your password.

This password must contain 8-16 characters and contain both numbers and letters/ special characters. If you did not write a password according to the WeChat regulation you will get a notify and will need to write it again. Please make sure you are saving this password somewhere just in case you will need it again.

3. You will need to accept the WeChat terms of service, scroll down and accept the terms and press on continue.

4. You will reach to the security verification page. Before registration you will need to verify the security code you are receiving to your mobile phone, press on start and you will get a puzzle to complete by sliding the piece to its place. Now wait for a message with the verification code. If you do not receive it check your Wi-Fi connection or try later. If you still do not receive it write an email to the We Chat support team.

creating a WeChat account

In my case I got a previous account on this mobile number, so I got an option to log in with my previous account or to continue signing up.

5. I want to continue sign up. like me, You will get a page with the latest terms of service, press on next and press on the small dot to mark that you agree.

There is a chance you will be asked to scan a friend WeChat account so the WeChat will verify you and confirm your account. If you do not have any friend with WeChat yet, you can look for Chinese friends living in your area or maybe in your work place. my suggestion, if you are in a special field such as fashion or tourism, search for web-site related to your field in China and google it. within this subject look for forums about it, interduce yourself and your interest and explain that you would love to chat with them on WeChat but will need their assistance to be your WeChat friends.

6. Now you will need to enable the Weixin services.. those services available only if  you choose to enable them and similar to the Chinese version of WeChat (Weixin).

I suggest you to use this app special features and enable the Channels, Tops stories and the search option. Press on next and then agree and enable.

Congratulation! You got WeChat!

Join me and learn quickly and step by step how to use the benefits of this amazing

Neta Brint