WeChat app Structure

Chineta Team Team

The weChat interface comprises four tabs: Me, discover, contacts, and chats.

One tab is related to your profile and called me. This is where you can view your favorite files easily by checking what files you have saved and managing your account settings. 

Two other tabs are related to your WeChat circle of friends. Those are people who you confirmed as WeChat friends. Contacts, for example, is the place to view your entire contacts list. If you scroll down, you will get the total number of contacts you have. Here, you can also view your group chat list, tags that make WeChat much more organized, and official accounts, the companies’ accounts you follow.

The second tab related to your circle of friends is chatting. Here, you can check if you have a new message within any chat conversation official account you are signing in to. This is where you have a list of all your chat conversations.

The last tab is “Discover,” which is the heart of WeChat. You can explore your friend’s activity from this tab, such as posts and videos, and find new content outside of WeChat. Discover the Chinese social media world and its users.

With this tab, you can meet new people by shaking your phone or pressing on “People Nearby,” watch live stream videos, and mainly discover what is viral now in China.

Now that we understand its structure, It is time to dive into the practical use of WeChat.

Chineta Team Team

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