Set up your WeChat basic profile.

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We will set your profile, starting with an image and relevant information. It is your first impression.

Before beginning, make sure you have installed WeChat. If you still have not installed WeChat, follow my installing video, which is next. Otherwise, see you in the first part of the course.

WeChat Profile requirements.

You should prepare an image with a size of at least 900 x 500 pixels (16:9 ratio), with a Maximum file size of 2 MB

It is possible to crop the image, but this will be the aspect ratio.

Create an excellent picture, or maybe even use an icon that is unique to you. You want to be easily recognized.

Setting up a profile photo

  • Open WeChat
  • Go to me
  • We will go over all the options here. First, press on the profile photo.
  • Select the picture you want. You can also take a photo right now.

This is your profile photo, as it will appear in the WeChat ID search and contact list.

*In China- they love to put a funny photo or a cartoon to be easily remembered. The problem is that it is hard to understand who the person is beyond the picture. My suggestion is that if you plan to use WeChat not only for fun, choose a clear photo of yourself.

You can also add 2-3 more images to use sometimes, such as those:

You can press on a contact profile and edit his name so you will know better according to the account details, who the person is beyond the photo.

Choose your WeChat name

Scrolling through the contact lists, you will see the contact’s name next to the profile picture.

Which name do you want contacts to address you with?

Fill your name

Make sure that Your name is visible. Write your name or nickname.

If you have a Chinese name, add it.

You can mention your company name as well.

Here are some examples of the only names with a company name and a Chinese name.

WeChat Tickle nickname

Set a funny nickname. Choose an animal or a thing. It will be displayed when friends will tickle you on WeChat. Tickle is an enjoyable activity. It’s similar to Facebook poking.

You can write a funny name or a noun.

Here is a chat tickle example:

Jennifer tickles you in a group chat. You and the group chat will also get a message: “Jennifer tickled Max.”

They will also see a funny statement: “Jennifer tickled Max’s “dinosaur” (this is your tickle name).

This makes a casual group conversation more interesting, for sure.

How to set your Tickle name:

  • Open WeChat.
  • Go to Me.
  • Press on your Profile Photo at the top of your screen.
  • Select Tickle.
  • Friends tickle My (blank).

-you can practice and open a chat group with yourself and press on the profile photo within the chat; this will do the same job

How to tickle someone in a WeChat chat?

Double-tap on a friend’s name within a group chat, triggering a tickle action.

Image, name, and tickle name are settings you can always change. The next one is essential and cannot be changed often.

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