Create a WeChat ID name and More

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First, decide your ID name; you can change it only once yearly.

WeChat ID ideas and options

The id comprises letters and numbers – write down some ideas to see if they work.

Important notice – Another contact might have the same name or nickname as yours, like in real life. Your WeChat ID is a unique WeChat identification. The ID is the quickest way to find friends and be found on the WeChat platform’s contact searches, so make it clear and straightforward.

How to Edit your WeChat ID.

  1. Go to Me
  2. Press on the profile photo to reach your profile page.
  3. Press on WeChat ID, then “change WeChat ID.”
  4. Write your new WeChat ID. example “Chinamediaworld 2023”
  5. Enter your WeChat password.
  6. If you have forgotten your password, tap Forgot Password. Ensure your password settings are correct and your WeChat is linked to your mobile phone or email.
  7. Enter your new ID!  You will receive another notification asking you to make sure it is a Final ID and press Save.

Well Done!

You will receive a notification: “This is a unique certificate for your account. It may only be changed once a year!”

*If it has already been taken, try editing the name adding a nickname, profession, or location.

There is a particular lesson just for that, so check if you can find your password.

Your friends can search for you and add you by this id.

This is importanet!

After changing the ID, nobody will find you with the old WeChat ID, only with the current one.

next, I will also show how You can retrieve your WeChat account by using it.

We have made an impressive ID!

Let’s Complete your WeChat profile with all of The information at the More Tab

Inside “more options,” there are extra details about you, such as your gender, region, and status. We will learn how to fill it up:

  • Gender
  • Region
  • WhatsApp

If you followed all the steps, your profile should be impressive now. It is time to protect your WeChat account by managing your security settings.

Edit WeChat More options

  1. Go to Me 
  2. My profile
  3. Press on More
  4. There are more edits available:

Gender Male/Female

Region (please note that most contacts have a random part and do not write their leaving location).

WhatsApp – It’s not your WhatsApp number! When viewing your moments, this is your chance to write a beautiful phrase that will appear under your picture. Write your life motto here. “You only Live Once.” It’s also a great chance to write your business phone number and name to promote it efficiently.

Your profile is Done. You should be proud of yourself. Good job!

Now let’s complete the process and create a unique magic Key, the QR Code.

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