Five Chinese Social Media platforms you must follow

In today’s world, everyone is speaking about social media and the importance of building a community and advertises your brand: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Here is the list of the 5 Chinese social media platforms you must follow and why:

1. WeChat

This is defiantly the no.1 app in china. WeChat has a holistic approach and will give you anything you are looking for within social media in one place: chatting, making new friends, gaming, videos, live streams, shopping, celebrities, just name it.

We would advise the WeChat owner company Tencent to add the word “Super” to the WeChat name as it has it all. WeChat was established in 2011 and is based on a friends-only app where you share your experience only with your WeChat friends. However, it keeps developing and reduce the gaps with other social media platforms. A good example is WeChat Channels, a video channel platform within WeChat that gives us deeper insight into China’s social media world.

You should be following WeChat to understand the “Chinese” way of mind and stay up to date with the latest trends.

2. Sina Weibo

A micro-blogging app. Launched in 2009, Sina weibo is one of the leading social media platforms. Its main emphasis is on KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) and bloggers engaging with their fans. The users can go live and share their experience regarding a product or give us a glimpse into their lives. According to 2021 research by Alexa searching tools by Amazon, Sina is ranked at the top 8 most used platforms in China, just after the e-commerce platform JD, Tmall, and TaoBao and before live streaming Apps such as Pandatv and Zhangqi tv.

You should be following SinaWeibo to understand which KOLs are on top and learn tricks to engage with the audience.

3. Douyin

Top leading short video app. This is the Chinese Tik-Tok . Duoyin belongs to bytdance( 字节跳动)a young company which is responsible for the world phenomenon app tik-tok. Here, you can become a video editor within a few seconds, create a video, and add all the effects and music you want. In Douyin, just like in Tik-Tok, youngers are dancing Infront of the camera and having fun. The most remarkable thing about Douyin is the contest option. There are many channels of using a specific filter or music, which will lead to greater exposure. No wondered this app is resonating strongly with the young generation.

You should follow douyin to keep it up and try to understand what the youngers are interested in, or simply improve your dancing skills 😊.

4. Tuotiao

This app also belongs to bytdance and is considered as one the hottest social networking at the moment. Tuotiao combines news channels together with a video platform similar to YouTube. Unlike regular news apps, the Tuotiao algorithm can generate the news you would like to watch, making your reading experience much more enjoyable.  In 2020 they even added a “missing alert” to help find missing netizens across China. It helped to find over 3,000 missing people!

you can read about it in this article:

5. Red (小红书) Little Red Book

This is an e-commerce app combined with the benefit of social media platform. This is the place to share your purchasing experience, a product you liked, and a must-visit country trip. Most of the users here are 18-35 years old women who wish to learn about a product before buying it. You will find here beauty and fashion products and KOL promoting their favorite brands. You can also see the “hottest” product right now on the main page and the newest trend.

Although it seems that the social media apps in China are overloaded, Chinese citizens, like any other users around the world, are looking for a virtual place to interact with others and to have fun.  It is always surprising to see “the next thing” that will leave dust for competitors. We promise to keep you updated!

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