Learn WeChat | Use special words to trigger a Falling Confetti on your screen

Learn WeChat | Use special words to trigger a Falling Confetti on your screen

There are a few words which will trigger the falling images confetti on your WeChat chat screen

You can add these to your chat conversation and it’s very simple:

  1. Open WeChat – Enter Chats.
  2. Choose a chat message.
  3. Write happy birthday.
  4. Wait to see the magic in action!

Trigger Confetti word is one of my favorite tricks! If your friend has had her birthday, send her happy birthday. Send kisses by writing xoxo to a good friend. And if you miss someone write miss you and the magic will occur.

Confetti words

Daily Words:

Kiss: XOXO/么么哒 

Cakes: Birthday/生日快乐

Hearts: Miss you/ 想你了

If you are chatting with a Chinese friend, it may be a nice gesture to use Chinese characters for your confetti.

Holiday Words:

There are a few special seasonal words and phrases that are only available for some days.

For example, there are confetti available just during Christmas, Halloween and Chinese New Year. You can watch a few live examples at the end of my video!

I have made a list of confetti  words for your use below in English and Chinese:

Halloween Pumpkins: Halloween/万圣节快乐

Christmas Trees: Christmas / 圣诞快乐

Thanksgiving /感恩节快乐

Chinese New Year’s confetti words:


Moneybags: Happy New Year/恭喜发财

Rat Year (next year 2021  the is ox) 鼠年大吉

Fish: 年年有鱼, 年年有余

Apples 平平安安,一路平安

Horses 马上就成

Train: train/回家/火车

Spring Festival/ 春运

Other Chinese words available only during the Chinese New Year holiday

桃花运,财源广进 ,花开富贵 try it out!

Confetti words are a great way to learn about the Chinese culture and about local tradition in a simple and a fun way. It has small changes once in a while so I promise to update my post accordingly.

Thank you for reading.zai jian再见!

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