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Chinese Pop Music | Searching for Chinese Mandarin Pop Songs in Baidu, the Chinese Google

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We will search for Chinese pop music on the Chinese search engine Baidu!

To do so, I will use google, google translate, and Baidu. My primary search term is – Chinese pop songs. After searching for this combination in google, I got ideas for more search terms: I like the keywords: top famous, popular and latest.

The words for pop music are 流行音乐 Liúxíng yīnyuè. Liuxing is widespread, and yinue is music. I recommend listing keywords on your computer or mobile and keeping the successful ones. I will translate my searching terms using google translate and copy the translation to The Chinese search engine Baidu (www.baidu.com).

Search terms for Chinese Pop music

1 Top Chinese pop song.中国流行歌曲

2 Famous pop songs 著名的中国流行音乐

3 Latest pop songs 年最新流行歌曲

Example websites for Chinese Pop music

1 – 9ku https://www.9ku.com

2 – Zhidao Baidu https://zhidao.baidu.com

Chinese Pop singer’s examples

1. Cheng Xiang 程响with Shìjiè nàme dà háishì yùjiàn nǐ 世界那么大还是遇见你.

2. Mengran Miya shao nian 少年 – 梦然 1. And a fun song called Ouch by Xiaoai and Huaer Band 小 爱与花儿乐队《哎呀呀》Xiǎo ài yú huā.

I will check out those singers in the Bilibili! *The Bilibili macro link 2021 is also a good source for learning about Chinese pop songs! Do you know those songs? write me if you have other Pop songs I should know about 🙂 Visit my website to get more tricks in China Media World: http://chinamediaworld.com

Thank you for watching, and have a great day,


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