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Learn WeChat | How to login when you don’t remember your password?

Can not log in to Wechat? In this multi-social media world, we have so many passwords to handle with, there is no wonder that we might forget our WeChat password! I will guide you on what to do, you have many other options to log-in with so don’t worry it should be fine.

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00:24 Retrieve your password with linked accounts via SMS Verification code.

Step 1. Open your WeChat. You will need to type in your password. Can not remember it? Check the next

Step 2. Choose log in via SMS code (make sure your mobile is correct, if you need to enter time zone don’t forget to add a + ).

Step 3. Type the code in the SMS Code bar. 01:20 Retrieve your password with linked accounts via QQ ID or email linked:

A. Tap “Unable to login” on the login menu.

B. If you choose to log in via QQ and do not remember your password visit their web-site at www.aq.qq.com.

C. Choosing to resert password via email: tap over this option “Email Linked”. Then, enter your linked email address. Check your mailbox, press on the link you have, and follow the instructions to reset your password.

02:23 Still unable to log in? Go to the same menu :

Main Menu- Unable to Log-in. Then go to “Request Account Recovery”.

1. You will find a note when to use this option (Hint- ONLY emergency).

2. Taping on the “Request” means filling out a feedback form. Then, your result (confirm or not) will be sent to your mobile via SMS within 24 hours. You will get a new ID and password.

3. Once the request is successful, all your previous accounts will be unlined. It’s a new account.

4. If the request does not succeed you need to photo shoot your error message and send it to WeChat Team via their website.

03:25 More Options

Log in menu – “More Options” – Login with another account – through mobile number or your Facebook.

Sign Up in another account. 3]WeChat security Center- In case you have security issues.

4. WeChat Help Center- this page will answer common login problems and should assist you properly.

04:15 Tip#1

Add your good friends as emergency contacts *Go to Me- Settings -Account Security – Emergency Contacts: select at least three emergency contacts, you could use their assistance to login in case your accounts are not linked. 04:53 Tip#2 Check which accounts are linked: *Go to Me- Settings Account Security More settings- Check which account is not linked and link it. 05:18 Quick Review of all your steps. 05:39 My very best personal tip

I hope you will not need to deal with login in problems, in case you will, good luck!

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