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Becky Li is a Chinese Fashion social media star a KOL (Key Opinion Leader). We will explore her social media profile and activity and gain a deeper understanding of what makes her an excellent blogger. She started as a journalist and became a full-day blogger and vlogger. In the official WeChat account, she explores fashion trends and provides many examples. Her WeChat Official Account has three main categories: Her Online Shop, Her Personal Blog and All her articles (Posts). For example In one post she goes back to the 1990s, showing the trends of the period. She chose three celebs. Gwyneth Platero, Caroline Besset Kennedy JR and Monica from friends (Courtney Cox). She talks about Monica’s polo shirt, her leather jacket and her white sleeveless shirt. Accordingly, Becky will show many leather jackets in her shop. In another article, she talked about the color symbolizing the fall, brown color. How can you wear it to make sure your skin is not too yellow? She suggests combining accessories like a brown belt in retro style or French style jackets and says the brown jacket is really popular. If we go back to her online store, we will see her marketing strategy much more clearly. She takes a fashion trend and writes it into a detailed blog, showing examples of how this trend is used on celebrities or all over the world. Plus, she’s got pictures of herself trying this trend or talking into her vlog. And finally, you can view the clothes or products of her blog in her online store. She can take a global trend and easily translate it for Chinese audience. Li, whose real name is Fang Yimin, started working as a journalist in 2002 for a daily newspaper based in Guangzhou. She reported local news and entertainment, but resigned in 2015 to become a full-time blogger. Since then, Li has worked with luxury labels like Chanel, Burberry, Giorgio Armani and others. It sold 100 Mini Cooper Countryman in less than five minutes on its blog Beck’s Fantasy WeChat last year on 2018! She is one of the best-known Chinese bloggers. Thanks for your time, have a good day and Zai Jian. Neta

Hi I am The Site manger i and create websites and web platform and i am proud to be a team member here in China Media Wrold
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