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Channels account PROFILES | How to Use WeChat Channels?

Hadar Team

With WeChat Channels, we can find and explore new Channels Video account profiles. These profiles are different, then the usual WeChat profiles. How to use WeChat channels? We will go through the different accounts and what is visible in a creator profile. How can you interact with those creators and get the best out of your profile search. What can we find within the channels creator account profile? – Biography of the channel description. -These photos belong to that profile. -Gender, does this profile belong to a person or a company? -Sometimes we will be delighted to find a WeChat ID, as this will be helpful for business cooperation. Don’t forget that there is no direct connection between the channel account and the WeChat account. You can post a message to that channel account or follow it. There are two main types of counts. 1. Regular private count. 2.An official account with a v sign. You can register and own an official account by paying a 599 Yuan. On the Profile page, there are three tabs: 1. Activity: this is the main channel board. Scroll down to access all videos within that channel account. Every video is a minute long. 2. Longer videos: videos who last more than 1Minute and can be performed in horizontal orientation. 3. Mentioned: check if another account mentioned this account and get familiar with videos on the same topic. Now that we understand what is account profile, we can move on the main three tabs: “following”, “friends” and “hot” tab, check out my next video with all the big notes about it. Thank you for watching, have a great day and Zai Jian, Neta

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Neta Brint Worling From Home On Wechat Video
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