How to add WeChat to your computer

There is no doubt that the no.1 app in China was designed for mobile users. In this post, we will explain how to add WeChat to your computer and why it is very much recommended. hint: what is easier, to work via your mobile or through your all about a better user experience.

WeChat is used as a social media and a messaging app. You can chat with your friends, make video calls and meet new contacts. Its emphasis is on user social privacy, as unlike other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram your posts are only available to your “circle of friends”.

When you use WeChat as a working tool you will get a much better user experience. The main advantage of adding WeChat to your computer is the efficient file transfer option. However, it is also better when it comes to writing faster within a chat, and let’s face it, it is less destructive than using your WeChat via mobile phone.

Before we start, you should download and install the WeChat to your mobile otherwise it will not work. Go to your app store and write WeChat. For more assistance check out the detailed post on how to download it. After you have been downloading it to your mobile, it is time to add your WeChat to the computer as well.

How to add WeChat to your computer?

No matter if you have Windows or Mac, we will go over the process step by step:

  1. Go to the website:

You will see a big QR Code, the next step is to scan it.

  • You will see the message under the QR code:” Scan the code to log in WeChat/Weixin”. How to scan it? Open the WeChat in your mobile and go to Discover/Contacts or Chats tab. Then press on the + sign in the top right side of the screen.

Go to the “scan” option and point your mobile at the screen. This will trigger a scanning action.

  • Now there will be a WeChat popping up, well done! You are connected. Let’s go over the options here.

How to use WeChat Web aka the WeChat version for your computer

  • First go to the chat icon. You can search for any contact you have in the search bar and start chatting by pressing on the contact name.
  • If you wish to view the official accounts you are following or add new official accounts look for the subscription icon by scrolling down to the letter S. Official accounts are brands and verify accounts who have their own articles and mini program within WeChat.

File Transfer

  • The highlight on the Web version is the next option! Look for green icon in the chat name list with the name “file transfer”. You can drag here all the document’s need a follow up or o easily send a document to another WeChat user. That makes life much easier as if you wish to send you WeChat friends a document and the email is not working well in China, here is the solution. You can transfer files up to 100MB. Pressing on the file icon within the text bar will open your desktop file documents where you could choose your file from.

Snap shot of your screen

  • You will also find in the same text bar the scissors icon. this is where you can take snap shot of your computer.

Manage contact

  • Next is the person icon, this is where you can manage your contacts. Pressing on “manage contact” will lead you to a page where you can set your privacy settings, view your tags and recent group chats.

Save to Favorite

  • The box icon is favorite. This is the place to view all the articles, videos and photos that you double clicked on and marked as favorites. You can find here your saved links, photos, notes, saved files and music. Bear in mind that if the file is too old and not backed up, you will not be able to view it.

Find a file

  • Clicking on the file icon will take you to a window with all the files you sent through WeChat. You can easily find a document by using the filter “type”. Then you should choose the type you are looking for, is it document, spreadsheets, presentations, compressed files, audio, executable files or others.

Tops stories

  • Pressing on the flower shape icon will open the top stories window. Those are the articles that WeChat recommend you to read.


  • Mini-program icon will lead you to view all your mini-programs and to search for new ones. It can be games, offices apps, education, online payment and much more.

Floating window

  • You have an option to view floating window content from your phone. That way you can open many articles and content at once.

Back-up your information

  • Next option is feedback, backup and restore, this will able you to back up all the WeChat information to your mobile or to your PC, we strongly recommend you to take this action if you have important data you are afraid to lose.

Its all about the settings

  • The setting option is set as last option, this is the place to set up all the important restriction. You can decide about the software language and save chat history. You can manage all your files in “manage files” section. Within shortcuts you can decide which keyboard shortcut will open WeChat, take screenshot and send message. In “about” section you can update the WeChat version to the latest.

In our opinion, the greatest advantage for WeChat Web is by transferring files, typing quicker than on mobile, and less destruction. Why less destruction? When you use the WeChat Web you cannot view other contact posts (Moments) or upload your posts updates. This is not the case when using the mobile phone when there are so many other destructions and messages.

It is really easy to get used to the WeChat web interface. When you working, it is much convenient to work with a computer screen than with your small mobile screen.

Therefore, we really recommended for offices start using the WeChat web and focus on communication within chats with other suppliers or clients who use WeChat.

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