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The RICHEST dogs in China. You will be AMAZED by THEIR LIFESTYLE!!

While we hear more about top Chinese KOL, this video is about the richest and influential Dogs in China and you will be AMAZED by their wealthy lifestyle! Some have more than 40 Million followers, fly a private jet, 36$,000 worth of apple watches (why do they need it for??), best food, clothes, and best treatment. In the past, the Chinese used negative characters regarding dogs, such as 狗头军师 (dog head) about people who suggested new ideas but are not clever, or 狗仗人势“dog fight and human power” people who use their power by bullying action. However, now there are new positive idioms with animals such as “cat smokers” to people who enjoy their time with their cats. The one-child policy in China created a millennial generation. Those kids had their parents and grandparents to treat them and they consider the most significant economic power in China. Many of the millennial generation in china consider wealthy people They prefer to buy a cat or dog and to spend money and time on them. I will introduce four RICHEST and FAMOUS Dogs in China:

1. Dawang is considered the hottest yet down-to-earth dog right now, his owner is Dianxi Xiaoge “The girl from Yunnan” a growing vlogger with more than 4 million fans.

2. Coco the *@$, who belongs to Wang Sicong, the wealthiest son in China, which makes him THE RICHEST DOG IN CHINA.

3. Duanwu and Niuniu are a winning double couple with 41 Million fans!!!!

4. The beautiful Bichon dog’s Never Family belongs to KOL Austin Li, come and visit their coffee shop building! Do you agree that Coco is a *@$ and wish to switch with her??

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