Shake and Nearby WeChat Features

We use Shake and nearby to find random new people. While Shake will find people from all over the world, Nearby will find people in your area. This way you can get familiar with new WeChat users.

The Shake feature inside WeChat

Have you ever wondered, whether someone around the world is shaking his/her mobile at the same time as you? Stop wondering, start shaking.

One of the flag features of WeChat is the shaking feature. If you shake your cellphone, you can see who else is doing it right now, it can come from any other country in the world. However, its potential is far greater than the mere encounter with new people.

How to make WeChat Shake active.

  1. Open WeChat.
  2. Go to Me.
  3. Press on Settings
  4. Go to General
  5. Go to Manage Discover.
  6. Choose to enable or disable the Shake feature.

Now that the Shake feature is enabled, here is how to use it:

  1. Open WeChat
  2. Go to Discover
  3. Press on Shake
  4. Go to the setting panel on the top right of the screen.
  5. You can restore the default background and delete the picture you see when you shake your cell phone.
  6. Set the background image, which is the image you will see on your mobile phone when you use ‘shake’.
  7. Turn on Sound to hear if you got greetings from someone.
  8. Greetings– check latest greeting you got when shaking the mobile.
  9. History- View all the greeting you ever got via “Shake”
  10. Messages – check if you sent a message to someone using the Shake function.

When will you not be able to use Shake?

If you can’t see the Shake feature as explained above, you may have restrictions, According to WeChat Team it might happened due to:

having incomplete or illegal profile information.

using an unofficial version of WeChat.

using shake too frequently.

being reported for violating platform rules.

Depending on the restriction reason, you can try to fix the issue by completing your personal information, deleting any account information or Moments that violate rules, or taking a break from this feature before using it again.

People Nearby

This feature helps you find people in your region that also use this feature. It works the same as the “Shake” feature using location detective by BLE technology. However, the parameters of this function differ. While using Shake Feature, you cannot handle who to get messages from. In People Nearby feature, you can control to view only women or men near you. This makes the function a lot more secure for use.

How to use people Nearby

  1. Open WeChat
  2. Go to Discover
  3. Tap on People Nearby
  4. Go to the three dots above on top of your screen
  5. Choose whether you would like to see only females, males or both near you.
  6. Tap Greeting will show you the greetings you got from nearby.
  7. The clear location will be clear of your location so other “People Nearby” users will not know how far you are.

Shake and People Nearby are great features within WeChat.

People nowadays are so busy with their mobile phones and forget about contacting friends and meeting new people. The reason for its success is simply because of the combination of the fun virtual application and meet actual people with a potential to meet them. There are many stories about neighbors that have become friends through this feature.

Warning, for those two features: Most of the time you might get unpropertied message for men or women. Watch for signs of danger and don’t get yourself in trouble. 

The next time you are alone, you know what to do, just shake or look for people nearby.

If you wonder How is this working?

The shake feature is based on a special technology called IBEACON made of Bluetooth Low energy (BLE) transition. When your mobile Bluetooth is on, your location data will be detected by the WeChat app. Shaking your phone will trigger the Ibeacon and in seconds you will be able to see which another WeChat user just triggered the detective site as well.

Aside from being a fun and cool way to meet new people around the world or around you, this is a marketing revolution.

If you have a restaurant, with the help of IBEACON technology, potential customers can see that you are in their region and come to visit. You may promote your sales through marketing coupons to those who come through the application. This is a selling method called O2O, online to Offline business. Using an online method, you wish to take the customer to the off-line physical shop.

Before you start shaking your phone, make sure that your WeChat Shake function is enabled, now as Outcast sing “shake it like a polaroid picture”!

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