Best Moments Type |Upgrade Your WeChat Moment Posts

When creating a WeChat Moments posts we can upload up to 9 images due to its 9-grid pattern. In this post we will teach you how to “break the frame” and upgrade your WeChat moment.

The built in nine grid patterns, makes it weird to use images with even numbers.

As you can see, two images will look weird like this:

uploading five images will look like that:

And 7 images, well we cannot even look at it 😊

The best solution to help our OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) is quite simple.

Firstly, use only number of photos dividable by 3  (the best number here is 9!) and secondly check out the apps below.

The first app will let you splitting one image to nine sauqre in the same size as your pattern grid and the second one will create a creative and original template look for your moment.

Insta Grid| Grid your photo

Insta Grid is basically meant for Instagram use, but we will not tell them we use it for WeChat as well.  You can use this app to upgrade your moments by splitting one image in to 9 images grids. this app is very simple and easy to use. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the app store and search for: Insta Grid-   9 cut grid for Instagram by Yozo Play.
  2. Open the insta grid app.
  3. Press on Open photo with the camera icon and the plus sign and choose a photo.
  4. You have three option below the photo, on the left you can zoom in or out and saving the edit, with the middle icon you can rotate it, and on the right side change the photo angel.
  5. After editing choose 3X3 grid which located above the three icons. This option will split your photo to 9 images.
  6. Now press on the top right arrow and image will be divided into 9 squares with numbers, this is the order you need to follow when uploading your photo to WeChat Moments.
  7. The images were saved in your photo album now its time to publish it in your WeChat moment’s timeline.

Puzzelstar |Turn your post into a beautiful image

The next app is currently my favorite one. It’s called “PuzzelStar” and most of it is free of charge. If you really loved a pattern which cost money, the rate is very reasonable as well.

It will create a template look for your moment if you want to express something special.

  1. Search for Puzzelstar in your app store (the icon with the cream color and lady) and download it.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Choose the 9-grid image square above.
  4. Scroll down and look for template you like with the locker icon, this means its free of charge but you need to unlock it and watch a small promotion while it downloading.
  5. You have downloaded the pattern, now add photos according to your pattern.
  6. The editing options here are quite fun. you can edit your text, download a drawing as additional element (check the neon elements).
  7. Pressing on the eye sign above will let you preview the final look of the pattern.
  8. Click on next, and you will see another promotion add while its downloaded, after the add is finished press on the x sign to see the grid.
  9. You can save as a grid, save as an image and share it with the world!
  10. Save your grid as a draft and you could always use it again, by going to the main page and pressing on the user icon.

Now it’s time to share the results and Publish in WeChat.

  1. Open WeChat and go to Me tab
  2. Click on “My posts” and then “My Moments”
  3. Create a new post by pressing on the camera icon and choose the option “select from album “.
  4. Upload the 9 divided images from the bottom to the top.
  5. If the photo is not clear, change the order 😊
  6. Check that the photo is looking good, finalize details and press post.

This was some basic editing and template explanation if you like this app continue to explore your options as it keeps updating. I recommend to stick with the original design if you want to save time and make everything look good. We are sure that using those will get some great feedback!

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