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The holidays are getting closer and you want to send a message to all of your friends. However, you have so many friends on WeChat.

Don’t worry,

You can use the broadcast messages option and send one message to many contacts at the same time.

How to send a broadcast message?

1. Open your WeChat.

2. Go to MeSettings General.

3. Press on WeChat ToolsBroadcast Messages– Activate this option by choosing Enable in the green colored button on your screen.

4. Choose Send now, and then New Broadcast Message.

5. Now it’s the fun part, create a nice voice message, text message or a short video. If it is The Chinese New Year you can use from the sentences, I added below to save your time.

Make sure you are satisfied with the final result as you are broadcasting this message to many people at once.

6. Select the contacts you wish to send the broadcast message to. If you wish to send it to all of your list save your time and just press on Select All option at the top of your screen. If you regret it and wish to send the message only to specific contacts just press on Deselect All option.

Improving your Broadcast Message

Apart from sending a broadcast message by text there are other ways:

a. Send a voice message of your singing happy Christmas might be a creative holiday greeting.

b.  Send an Image.

c. Create a short video, up to 15 seconds and send it to many contacts.

d. You can take a photo right now and send it as well.

*Please note that as of this moment you cannot send a sticker or an article as a broadcast message.

Using broadcast massages is also really common way of marketing and for keeping in touch during the Chinese and Western holidays.

For instance, as a Travel Agent I might send you and other contacts a message for tours including dates and rate at the same time.

Here is an example of a broadcast message:

My Dear friend, wish your business to flourish 生意兴隆, Max

You can easily broadcast a message up to more than 600 people at once!

Chinese Friends

Chinese holiday time is a great opportunity to strengthen ties with colleagues and friends in China. The option of sending a broadcast message is a great way to deepen the ties without much effort, so think about a nice greeting and just go ahead.

Greeting List:

Happy New Year: 春节快乐 /过年好

Wish you a Good Health: 身体健康

Wish you live a long life: 长命百岁

Wish you a prosperous business: 生意兴隆

May all your wishes comes true: 万事如意

Have a peaceful year: 岁岁平安

May you have an abundance year after year 年年有馀

May you have a good fortune this year 祝吉星高照

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