Learn WeChat | Translate Chinese to English on WeChat.

What if you love a specific blogger style, but he just writes in Chinese?

WeChat is especially used by the Chinese; you may notice Chinese characters everywhere!  This allows you to translate your WeChat information into your own language:

Translate WeChat Chat Conversations

You can easily translate your chat or chat group conversations. Click on ‘Chats’ and select a sentence inside it, then select “translate”, viola! The sentence is no longer in Chinese.

With WeChat it is possible to translate up to 20 languages.

Translate WeChat Moments

What’s wrong with WeChat Moments? Go to “Discover” and then to “Moments” – select text from your contact friends’ “Moments” messages, tap on it and choose Translate. If you want to keep this translation as your own secret, You can untranslated the sentences back by simply tapping on the translated sentence and pressing on “Untranslate”.

WeChat is famous for its fast-responding barcode, known as a QR code reader.

If you go to China, you will notice that there is QR code everywhere and that people almost do not use their purse. The WeChat QR scanner is so advanced that you can use it for payment and even translation!

The translation can be by scanning any image you want: from your mobile camera or within WeChat articles.

Translating by Scanning:

1] Open WeChat.

2] Choose Discover  or Contacts  or Chats and you will notice the plus sign at the top of your screen, tap on it.

2] Choose Scan.

3] By tapping Scan, you access a QR scanner. At the bottom of your screen you will see three options: Scan Code, Item or translate.

4] Choose translate. The scanner will find the text on the photo and translate it into Chinese!

Translate an image in WeChat/ Official Accounts articles:

1] Open your WeChat.

2]  Go to discover and then to search.

3] Choose articles or official account.

4] You can translate the plain text by selecting the three dots at the top of your screen, and the tapping on translate.

5] If you want to translate text into an image file, choose the picture you want to translate and press it. Then you will see an open bar with the option translate image text, press on it. The text in the image will be translate to English!

In case you wish to be familiar with the WeChat important keywords, we made a short dictionary for you.

Short WeChat words dictionary

Moments – 片刻 | Piànkè

Official account – 公众平台帐号| Gōngzhòng píngtái zhànghào

QR Code – 二维码Èr wéi mǎ | Chat聊天室 |Liáotiān shì

Stickers贴纸| Tiēzhǐ

The best social media Wechat| 最好的社交媒体微信 Zuì hǎo de shèjiāo méitǐ wēixìn

Scan it | 扫一扫 Sǎo yī sǎo

In my work, I help people and businesses become familiar with Chinese culture and understand how the Chinese people think. The first thing I always say is to speak Mandarin is a great benefit, but you don’t have to speak it to do business in China, you just need to be familiar with it.

Therefore, the most important thing is to understand the Chinese culture and know a few words to make it work, especially when the development of translation is getting better and better.

In case you have a Problem to Translate Via WeChat

Your WeChat translation somehow has a problem and doesn’t work?

I recommend you to download an app that called Pleco. This is a dictionary app. Very easy to use and has many translation options: By voice, writing, scanning a photo or hand writing the characters by yourself.

I have used this app for many years and it is very useful to anyone learning mandarin or wishing to easily translate a sentence in Chinese. Clip Reader option is good when you wish to translate a whole sentence, choose it and press on the words to understand the meaning of it.

New Business Opportunity

Being capable to translate from mandarin inside the WeChat to your own language is a great opportunity to explore the Chinese leading social media and understanding local trends.

Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to do business with Chinese costumers without searching for a translator and travel in China without being worried about the misunderstanding.

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