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Shout out your STATUS super fast using WeChat Status

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Wechat status is where you update your temporary mood or state of mind in the WeChat messages app, just shout out your status, don’t worry it will disappear within 24 hours! The status option is very popular among social media platforms. You can find it on Facebook, what’s up, Instagram and since lately on WeChat. How to upload status in WeChat? 1. Open WeChat, press on Me tab then on the status option next to your profile photo. Choose a status within the 27 option here. The status option is separated per section. You will find here feelings, work & study, activities, breaks, and “others.” If you want your friends to pay attention you can choose between the statuses of slacking (in the toilet), insomnia, broken, gossiping, or streaming. 2. Select a photo or short video to appear in the background. 3. Add a text. 4. Add location. 5. Write a hashtag so more people might see it. 6. Press on “that’s it” and upload status. Want to watch your friend’s status? This option is only available if your friend shared status or uploaded one. Go to the three dots next to the status and view your friend’s status. You can add a like or send them a private message about this. I will upload a status so my friend will know I’m working hard! Please pay attention, You have only a few minutes to delete or edit this post! So do it before it’s too late by choosing your status and then on edit or delete. Do not upload embarrassing status or give access to this feature to your kids. You can never know when your boss is watching! If you liked this video don’t forget to press the like bottom and let me know in the comment below. My status will be very happy 😉 Neta

Hi I am The Site manger i and create websites and web platform and i am proud to be a team member here in China Media Wrold
Neta Brint Worling From Home On Wechat Video
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