What is WeChat Top stories and Wow icon?

Top stories is the tab that center all the articles you should read in Wow and Top lists.

In WeChat Discover tab there is an easy way to view articles your friends loves and find articles according to the WeChat algorithm preference. You can tell which WeChat friend loved an article by viewing it in your “Wow” list in WeChat tops stories, and which article WeChat think you will like inside the “Top” list.

“The wow” is actually a sharing icon, that let you easily share your favorite articles by sending it directly to all your contact wow list.

The Top list is WeChat articles recommendation according to your user experience, both within WeChat discover tab.

When reading an article in WeChat’s articles and official accounts, you will see the “wow” icon underneath.

Wow Is an icon. Unlike the ‘Like’ icon, the ‘Wow’ icon has far more impact.

By taping the icon, the content beside it will be automatically shared and recommended by you to all your WeChat friends.

How to mark an article with wow icon:

  1. Open WeChat
  2. Go to Discover
  3. Choose Top Stories
  4. You will notice two Options Wow on the left side and Top on the right side.
  5. Choose Wow.

Clicking on the Wow icon will automatically add it to your “Wow List”. Next time your WeChat contacts will enter top stories, they will see your article in their wow section.

See articles your friends shared

The Wow page includes your contact’s favorite content. Pick an article and you will find the wow sign on its left beside the contact person who shared it.

By clicking the contact’s name, you will open a new bar with few options:

  1. You will notice nice emojis such as a rocket, flower, heart or beer, pick one to send to this contact. It will be a beautiful gesture to thank him/her for the shared content.
  2. The contact profile photo of the person who shared this article is below, tapping on it will send you directly to this person’s WeChat profile.
  3. You could see if you have other articles, you both watched and how many.
  4. The latest option will take you to a setup page. You can choose to hide those contact posts or hide your posts from this contact.
  5. You can also send a feedback to WeChat about any issues with the app.

Beside the article, there is a small “x” sign. If you don’t want to see this article anymore, press it and then press the yellow icon that popped up. On the yellow icon, there is a sentence in Chinese that means “I’m not interested” which will update the WeChat algorithm that you don’t like this type of content.

Beneath the article, you will notice the wow icon and a comment option.

You can tap the wow icon and share it with the world or make a comment.

Make sure you don’t type a message that you don’t want to share with everyone. There are many stories about people who “wowed” embarrassing articles and their boss found out about it. Keep out of trouble.

Top Stories

At the top of the screen is Top. That is recommended by the WeChat algorithm. Here are the best recommended articles and recommended videos belong to the WeChat Channel platform.

On this page you don’t have the “Wow” option, you can only “Like” or “Unlike” a post.

The last option is the person icon, pressing on it will lead you to the General Settings Manager page.

Here you can check and decide which contact will not see your wow messages or hide their content from your feed.

This is how to manage your “WeChat wow list”

1. Open the top stories, and go to the person icon above.

2. Scroll down and check our your “wow” articles (the articles you marked with “wow”).

3. If you wish to rearrange it, open each article you “wowed”. double click on the wow articled will take it out from your “wow” list and you will not see it any more. That way you can keep only the articles you really liked.

If you got your own items and official account, lucky you.

You can ask people to press on the wow bottom. As more they will press on it, the bigger the exposure will be!

We don’t have a ‘wow’ button here, pin the photos in our post to show that you liked this post.

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