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I'm A mother, wife, tour guide, travel specialist, digital media entrepreneur, and educator who adores a community life online and leading my tour groups. If you are interested, I'd love it if you join my list or check out my channels.

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Neta Brint

Working and loving the Chinese culture since 2008
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem |
BA in East Asian Studies specializing in China, sociology, and anthropology.

Israel Tourism Guiding Course |
Certified Israeli - Tour Guide

My name is Neta, and I am a sinologist, which means I am passionate about Chinese people, media, culture, and economy and catching up with trends in China. I use this platform to share with you my passion in a fun and accessible way.

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    Many people ask me, "What do you do?" Sometimes, I get "stuck" and don't know how to answer them... 

    Here's an overview of what I'm working on right now.

    • China Media World

      My Project in the China Industry

    • Neta Explore

      my main traveling blog for travelers all around the world coming to Israel

    • Neta Metaylet

      my traveling blog for Israeli family

    • Oneappreview

      – How we build our sites and social activity

    Learn more about my China related projects

    And now, if you want the longer story…

    Due to my interest in learning about new cultures and Chinese characters, I studied Anthropology and East Asian studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2005.

    After graduating, I had a few job opportunities:

    My first job was in the shipping business. I was fortunate to find a job as a representative of a local company in China and travel between port cities to promote regional cooperation. Meeting with local companies in China and building cooperation was a great starting point at the beginning of my career and gave me confidence.

    My next job opportunity was back in my country as a project manager coordinating between Chinese manufacturers and local importing companies in Mechanical parts and fashion.

    While many of the students who studied with me did not have a chance to work in a job related to China and to use their Mandarin language (even as beginners), It was very comforting to find a job related to my field of study. However, I felt something was missing. I was not 100% satisfied.

    I’m very good with people and excellent at creating interpersonal connections. That is why it’s natural for me to work where there is an audience.

    Then, one day, I saw that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was looking for a representative for Shanghai Expo 2010. I went to the interview, did the exams, and boom, I was in! It was my dream job.

    At the Shanghai Expo, I met people from around the world who were enthusiastic about China and speaking Mandarin, just like me. Representing my country in the Israel pavilion and introducing it to the Chinese audience made me realize this is where I belong; my lifetime job must include guiding a Chinese audience. Tourism was calling me.

    After the Expo, I returned to my country and worked as a travel agent while studying the extended two-year guiding course. After gaining experience, I started working directly with travelers via my site “Neta-Explore.” In addition, I am excited to be a mother of two more “Babies.” Two projects combine my passion and knowledge, Youyi and China Media World.

    So, what do we do here 😊