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  • The Chinese advantage Local Project in Israel

    Project Yoyi

    有益 Youyi is an advantage in Chinese. The project came after meetings with local businesses who wished to have Chinese clients but didn't know how to start and how to approach it. With my partner, who is a native Chinese and more cheek, her story is fascinating!

    We decided to help businesses overcome cultural differences and essential communication gaps with future Chinese clients. In this project, I use my guiding skills to help my clients adjust their business for Chinese audiences by making it 100% Chinese-friendly.

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    אישה ידיים באוור
  • expanding Connections with Chinese customers

    China Media World

    This platform connects and helps companies and individuals like yourself better connect and interact with China. I have started a small online community to share ideas. Of course, my knowledge focuses on individuals exploring and meeting with Chinese friends and business owner expanding their businesses to meet the demands of their Chinese customers. I have a lot of experience and want to share it with you.

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