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React & Analyze to Liziqi Chinese New Year’s video |反应李子柒

Hadar Team

eact and analyze Liziqi New Year’s video. We learn about the Chinese culture past and present while waiting this amazing woman. She’s decorating, cooking and sewing and preparing for an amazing new year’s celebration. I love watching Liziqi, she always reminds me why I fell in love with China and helps me remember the good moments I had there. Join me and enjoy the holiday atmosphere. Like this video and Follow us on our other platforms: Instagram | / neta.explore Web | https://www.Chinamediaworld.com Have a great day and Zai Jian, Neta 我喜欢看李子柒,她总是提醒我为什么我爱上中国 加入我的行列,感受假期的气氛。 谢谢您的收看, 内塔

Hi I am The Site manger i and create websites and web platform and i am proud to be a team member here in China Media Wrold
Neta Brint Worling From Home On Wechat Video
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