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React to an Amazing Food Blogger DIANXI XIAOGE – Video “LOTUS Root Powder” | 反应滇西小哥关于荷花粉的视频

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DIANXI XIAOGE has 7.2 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 11 million fans worldwide. I will react; analyze and translate her Lotus root powder video. we will go over Dianxi Xiaoge bio as she is one of the top leading Chinese food bloggers. why is she considered a hero in China? And What makes us fall in love with her videos and watch it non-stop? Lotus has an important role in China’s culture. There is an expression in china that the lotus is just like an honored man, who grew up in a bad environment and has not been infected by it. Join me while I watch Dianxi Xiaoge video about lotus and enjoying reacting to it. 和我一起看滇西小哥关于荷花粉的视频 Have a great day and Zai Jian, 祝你有美好的一天, 再见 Neta 内塔 Visit Dianxi Xiaoge channel and watch her full video • 藕粉———盛夏荷塘里的营养美味【滇西小哥】

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