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WeChat | How To Translate In WeChat? 怎么翻译?

Hadar Team

How to translate inside WeChat? I will explain how to translate your chat & People Moments (Posts). I will also explain how to find and translate an article and official account. In case this translation trick is not working? Don’t worry, I also added a professional tip. Stay tuned because there is a cool new feature inside the video! This is a new channel, please give me feedback and ask me questions so I will be motivated to continue with informative videos 😉 I would love us to keep in touch, please Subscribe and “Like” it means a lot! Here is the index: 00:01 Hi everyone 😊 00:25 How to Translate sentences inside chats 00:58 How to Translate and Untranslate a Post inside your Moments 01:33 Translating Text from an Image 02:22 Find and Translate Articles (Spoiler: Cute Panda’s Article!) 04:25 Find and Translate an Official Account 05:25 Using Pleco App for translation 07:07 Translating Items by Scanning (New Feature) Pleco : please download in your mobile store or to desktop at www.pleco.com , This is such a great dictionary Thank you for viewing this tutorial & Have a Great Day, 再见! With Love, Neta

Hi I am The Site manger i and create websites and web platform and i am proud to be a team member here in China Media Wrold
Neta Brint Worling From Home On Wechat Video
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