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WeChat | Uploading Longer Video Clip In Your WeChat Moments, 30 second video instead of 15!

Hadar Team

The most useful tool in social media is sharing videos. The trouble is that when using your WeChat, you can share only up to 15 second video clip each time. No problem. I will guide you step by step and will share with you a Chinese insider trick to create the clip time be doubled! In this video I will show you how to find a special Chinese app that you probably could not find trough your app store. And a special bonus: Must use editing tips! Right to the point Index: 00:10 The problem with limited time for each video clip and how to solve it. 00:43: How to use an app to upload a longer video. 01:37 How to share your video in the WeChat circle of friends. 02:16 How to share the video only inside your WeSee app and to your eyes only 02:05 How to add description inside the WeSee App. 02:29 Inside the WeChat moments: Adding a description, Mentioned a friend (tagging), Adding location and Share and Do not Share list. 03:32 What is WeSee means? 03:18 Finding and downloading WeSee App. 03:46 The Treasure App (应用宝), 04:19 How to use WeSee? 04:30 WeSee video uploading options. 05:00 Editing tips using the WeSee App: Changing your background patterns, Adding Music, Editing, Wrriting in cool fonts, Adding Filters and Animated stickers! 08:16 Sharing inside the Wechat Moment and how to go there. 09:00 Sharing with you my content editing tips. As I promised, here is the link to the Treasure App site. You can copy paste this :应用宝 or go to www.sj.qq.com inside this web-site you will find other useful Chinese apps (like QQ). Really hoped you find it useful, please tell me which part was the most practical! Thank you and have a great day/ Neta

Hi I am The Site manger i and create websites and web platform and i am proud to be a team member here in China Media Wrold
Neta Brint Worling From Home On Wechat Video
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