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OMG my emojis are moving! | WeChat Animated Emojis is so much fun

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Animated Emojis is a new feature that will wake up your chat conversation in WeChat. With this feature, you choose emojis, and it keeps changing once you send them, and it’s so much fun! Wait, what are emojis? It’s a word from Japanese that means -picture and character. The first emoji was invented in 1999 by Shigetaka Kurita in Japan and was inspired by manga and kanji characters, I opened my WeChat chat, and I could not believe my eyes, My friend just sent me a bomb When you are chatting, you know, you have so many emojis in the text bar. Sending a bomb is not a big deal, but watch this: my screen is under fire! How to Use animated emojis? 1. Make sure you have the updated version of WeChat, which is 8.02. 2. Open WeChat press on the chats tab and then choose a chat conversation. 3. Press on the smiley icon and you will get a bar with an animated emoji menu. 4. Now choose an icon and send it in the chat conversation I tried all the emoji options, and I am here to save your time and to tell you which one is a must-use emoji . There are many animated emojis, so I did the hard work for you, and listed my favorite emojis according to those options: Funny emojis, Too weird, I didn’t get the joke, Scary, Insiders (666+ qq), Awesome. Pay attention: if you long-press on an icon, you will get its meaning in English, so it is easy to understand what it is all about. Gold tip: You should Send the emojis one by one and not add text or other emojis together as it will not work that way. Don’t use the last emojis too much as it night interrupts the chat conversation. And you will get a pissed-off face! If you read up to this point, please leave me a message with your favorite emoji in the comment. I will also write mine 🙂 *Like and subscribe for more content Have a great day and Zai Jian, Neta

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Neta Brint Worling From Home On Wechat Video
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