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How to Pin a Chat On Top & Trigger Falling Confetti Words on WeChat

Hadar Team

How to notice a message easily in WeChat by stick it on top of your screen and which words will trigger falling confetti emoticons that will fall from the top of your WeChat screen? In this video, I would like to share with you two tips that are important to every WeChat user! Tip #1: Sticky on Top There is a certain chat conversation which you are looking for and you want to find it now without scrolling down and waste your time, just stick your chat on top of your chat screen. There are two options to make it easy. The first choice is to select a chat and open it. Then press on the three dots on your top right side of your screen. You will visualize an open bar with few choices, choose “Sticky on Top”. The second options is real easy going, only choose a chat and click on it once, and so you will see an open bar with few choices, choose “Sticky on Top”. You can select multiple chats to stick on top and your scrolling down will begin with them. Also notice that The sticky chats background is in light gray instead of white. In addition, double click on a chat and mark the chat as unread if you wish to remember to view certain chat again. Tip#2 how to Triger Confetti words One of my favorite tricks! You can write some words that will trigger falling confetti images on your screen If your friend got a birthday write “happy birthday “ You can send kisses by writing “xoxo” for a good friend. And if you miss someone write” miss you”. If you are chatting with a Chinese friend it can be a nice gesture to use Chinese characters for your confetti words. There are some special seasonal words and phrases which are only available during certain days. For instance, there are confetti words only available during charismas, Halloween and Chinese New Year. You can see at the end of my video some live examples of it! I made a confetti words list for your use below both in English and Chinese, you can use both of it. Let me know if you find out about new confetti words! And please write in the comments below so everyone who watch this will learn. Any like and subscribe will be very appreciated! Xoxo Neta

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Neta Brint Worling From Home On Wechat Video
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